Technology Focus

PGP leverages the expertise of some of the global leading companies in the fields of genome sequencing and artificial intelligence.

The program builds on the use of advanced sequencing technologies to generate the highest quality and most comprehensive genome data for the population, and is supported by one of world’s top supercomputers, Group 42’s Artemis, located in Abu Dhabi, to analyze the massive amount of data to generate new biological insights.

The use of both short-read and long-read genome sequencing platforms, will ensure the highest throughput and most precise analysis to identify genetic variants that are hidden in the dark regions of the human genome and that can be related to cancer, schizophrenia, autism, cardiovascular and neuronal diseases.

PGP will implement a semantic technology pipeline to extract and convert genome data into useful information in graphic form, which will be fed into its AI pipeline to rapidly convert the information to useful knowledge for the research and medical community.

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