Population Genome Program

Transforming health and well-being with genomics and Artificial Intelligence.
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About PGP

This ground-breaking program aims to be the first of its kind worldwide to provide Emirati individuals with their own high quality genome as a baseline and incorporate genomic data into healthcare management. This will be achieved by using advanced sequencing technology to generate the highest quality, most comprehensive genome data.

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Key Facts

  • To provide an Arab reference genome to assist in the health of the population.
  • To equip physicians and other healthcare practitioners with high quality information and knowledge.
  • To enable advanced diagnosis and treatment options
  • To deliver personalized and prevention programs tailored to an individual’s unique genetic makeup.
  • Generate comprehensive genome data by using the most advanced sequencing technologies for both short and long reads.
  • Utilize advanced bio-informatics to detect and analyze genome data.
  • Implement semantic technology to extract and convert genome data into useful information.
  • Leverage the country’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities to rapidly transform the information to actionable insights.
  • One of the world’s top supercomputers, Group 42’s Artemis, located in Abu Dhabi, will be used to analyse the massive amount of data.
  • BGI’s DNBSEQ technology is an advanced sequencing method for highly efficient and accurate massively parallel sequencing.
  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies, the only fully scalable sequencing technology that can sequence any fragment length including ultra-long reads.

Data protection and privacy considerations are the highest priority for this project and the optimal processes and policies are currently being explored. All data will adhere to National data protection law and will be encrypted and stored in UAE government cloud located in Abu Dhabi. The participants data privacy will be ensured by following the regulations of the DoH and UAE’s privacy laws.